Bankruptcy Dont’s

1. Don’t leave out Bank, Checking, Savings, Brokerage, Credit Union accounts. 2. Don’t file if your income is greater than your expenses. 3. Don’t use your credit cards. 4. Don’t take credit card cash advances. 5. Don’t use convenience checks. 6. Don’t do balance transfers. 7. Don’t pay money to Family. 8. Don’t pay money […]

NY Exemptions

  The Following are a List of New York Exemptions:   ASSET EXEMPTION DESCRIPTION LAW SECTION Homestead Equity in Real property including co-op, condo or mobile home, to $150,000. Husband & wife may double this to $300,000 in equity. 5206(a)   Personal Property Bible; schoolbooks; books to $500; pictures; clothing; church pew or seat; stoves […]

341 Meeting

SECTION 341 MEETING QUESTIONS   At the 341 Meeting, I will sit next to you, and the Trustee will ask you questions regarding your assets, debts, income and expenses. Debtors who are not represented by an attorney may have trouble at these meetings, because they are unaware of what the Bankruptcy Code considers to be […]

Adversary Proceedings

FIGHT BACK AGAINST CREDITOR ABUSE   Has Your Creditor Filed an Adversary Proceeding Against You? Are You Being Accused of Committing Fraud? Is your Bankruptcy Case being Challenged by a Creditor? Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney with Experience Successfully Defending these proceedings and getting them dismissed.   One of the less welcome developments in bankruptcy proceedings, […]